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From Gold Rush workers in the Wild Wild West to Shoreditch dwellers in London’s wildest East, people have been donning Levi’s for generations. Fresher than a Polaroid picture, these jeans actually date back to 1873, the year Bavarian born businessman Levi Strauss met Jacob Davis, a tailor from Reno. From this meeting, true blue denim was born. Named the ‘fashion item of the century’ by Time magazine in 1999, Levi’s are instantly recognisable by their little red tab, the double arc stitching on the back pockets and an American ease that all good jeans should have. As a cultural phenomenon, Levi’s continues to have a place in the hearts, minds and wardrobes of countless generations, outlasting the industries and subcultures that have adopted them whilst inspiring many more. For their 140th Anniversary, The Levi’s 501’s starred in their own straight up series for i-D, showing how they are worn today. Ripped, stonewashed, cut off and Curve, Levi’s iconic classics have been injected with modern hipster (and high-waist!) cool, making one of the world’s oldest brands the most relevant.


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