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Jun loves cherry blossom, prefers spring to summer, and is weirdly obsessed with the Sex Pistols. He used to be in the cover band, Tokyo Sex Pistols (he was even nicknamed ‘Johnio’ after Jonny Rotten). Born in Kiryu, in 1969, and a graduate of Tokyo’s Bunka Academy, it was whilst studying began making clothes to wear himself, frustrated at not being able to find anything he liked in shop. Starting his hipster label Undercover in 1994, Jun Takahashi was quick to secure his place in the pantheon of cool. His confidence and individuality set him apart from many young Japanese designers. Patched, slashed, ripped, and gashed, Jun’s DIY aesthetic stemmed from the burgeoning punk rock music scene that was taking over Tokyo at the time. In 2002, under the advice of Rei Kawakubo, Jun brought Undercover to Paris. From his trench coats with tree branches to his use of NASA-developed technologies, Jun has been revolutionising fashion ever since.





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