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Consuelo Castiglioni began Marni back in the mid 90s with her husband Gianni and has been in charge of doing everything visual there ever since. Born and raised in Switzerland, Consuelo likes skiing and spending her summers in the Balearic Islands, collecting inspiration for her colourful patterns and prints. Treating fur like fabric, Castiglioni removed the lining, and with it the bulkiness and age of the fur coat, making it sleek, young and feminine. She named her label Marni after her sister in law, and says she’s very superstitious when it comes to her work; she won’t give anything away about her shows until they’ve happened. Consuelo is naturally shy, allowing her vibrant work to do the talking, and hates men wearing ugly shoes and ill fitting tuxedos.

Describe yourself... Reserved, eclectic, curious, instinctive, perfectionist.
Favourite film? Somewhere by Sofia Coppola


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