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Charlie Casely-Hayford has always been immersed in menswear. Before studying at Central Saint Martins, Charlie apprenticed in his father’s studio from a young age, learning design, menswear history and technical skills. He began to work in fashion from the age of 21, having styled musicians ranging from the UK’s XX to American hip-hop artist Nas. Joining forces with his designer father, Joe Casely-Haford, the pair founded Casely-Hayford. Since the House's inception, Casely-Hayford have forged an eloquent handwriting of modern English style. The father and son design duo have carefully crafted a signature style of relaxed masculine proportions and exquisite tailoring, whilst fusing it with an injection of the raw energy of London's dynamic under belly that constantly inspires them. Charlie loves Jamaican bread and mandrills (baboon-like creatures with extraordinarily coloured bottoms) and his favourite record is Bum Bum by Timaya. If he wasn’t a designer, he thinks he’d make a good backing dancer.

Describe yourself... Tall, Friendly, This Charming Man.
Favourite Film? The Third Man.
Favourite place? St Kitts.


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