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From Liz Hurley’s safety-pin slip to the silk suits of the Miami Vice boys, Versace’s dressed them all. A super-brand, synonymous with sex, power and success, Versace was founded in 1978 by Italian born Gianni Versace, while his little sister Donatella was studying at university. A decade later, when brother and sister were working together, Versace was one of the most glamorous and respected names in the world and in 1991 the ‘supers’: Linda, Cindy, Naomi and Christy cemented the feeling in an iconic show, strutting down the catwalk in Versace dresses, lip-synching to George Michael’s Freedom! After Gianni’s tragic death in 1996, Donatella took complete creative control of the brand, bringing the design back to the Versace family roots and continuing to elevate its golden celebrity status. In 2009, Donatella handed Versus, Versace’s diffusion line over to Scottish designer Christopher Kane and then J.W. Anderson in 2012 before collaborating with M.I.A in 2013. As vice president and creative director of the brand, Donatella has kept Versace at the forefront of fashion, inspiring its peers and public. As well as clothing, accessories, fragrances, jewellery and timepieces, there is now a Versace home furnishings collection, as well as an interior design facility for private jets and helicopters, and even a limited edition Versace Lamborghini sports car.


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