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You’ve probably never met anyone quite as crazy (the very good kind of crazy) as Ryan Lo. With either Ally McBeal or Lana del Rey playing on loop in the background, Ryan’s studio is a dreamy world of crushes, desires, perfectly pink pompoms and glittering lilac frocks for girls who are looking for love. The Hong Kong born wonderboy taught himself to knit the way normal people learn to play guitar when they can’t afford music lessons; via YouTube tutorials. Spending a significant part of his formative years in London, where he attended university, discovered his loves and hates, and met amazing individuals like Charles Anastase, with whom he honed his skills. His rule breaking and maximalist sensibility sees him  manipulating anything from tulle, tinsel and ribbons into extraordinary hand crafted creations.He’s shown with Fashion East for three seasons in a row alongside best friends forever, Ashley Williams and Claire Barrow and says that if he wasn’t a designer, he’d probably be a struggling pub-singer or a model wanna-be.

Favourite film? Bridesmaids and Marie Antoinette. It will be nice if Girls and HBO make a movie too!! Maybe Sex and the City 3?


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