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Chicago-born babe Karlie Kloss is sex on legs. Whilst her star-sign tells us she’s Leo, she’s more like a panther on the catwalk, her classical ballet training at Caston’s Ballet Academie no doubt to thank for the fluid grace of her walk. After being spotted at a charity gala aged 13 in St Louis, Missouri, she went on to prowl a staggering 64 shows during the 2008 runway season. At i-D Towers we’ve been krazy for Karlie since she flashed us a wink on the cover of The Exhibitionist Issue in Spiring 2011, where she appeared with Jourdan Dunn (the two are BFFs). Now just 21-years-old, she’s just slipped into second place on models.com‘s Top 50 and with no sign of a stumble in her stomp, she marches on from strength to strength!


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