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Chen Man is one of China’'s most celebrated fashion photographers. Born in Beijing, Chen Man honed her craft whilst studying at the city’'s Central Academy of Fine Arts, where she learned the progressive, digital post-production techniques she is renowned for. Her work has revolutionised the way China and the rest of the world thinks about beauty. Her photographs, although steeped in modernity and technology, are also strongly influenced by Chinese heritage and tradition. For i-D's The Whatever the Weather Issue, Pre-Spring 2012, Chen Man took The Year of the Dragon by storm shooting twelve stunning covers celebrating the diversity of beauty in China today. Her most recent wink contribution is a cover featuring Chinese actress and icon Fan Bingbing, for The Role Model Issue, Fall 2012. Chen Man has her own range of MAC cosmetics, was the first person to shoot a fashion editorial on the Great Wall of China and is obsessed with the five elements, yin yang and Beijing bean sauce noodles. She’s a self confessed OCD freak about everything being in the right direction and counts Adidas and Gucci amongst her clients, plus she’s given Cindy Crawford and Keanu Reeves a taste of her heavy editing, the ultimate claim to fame.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a photographer? I would like to be a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.  
Favourite film? The Earth from Space.


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