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Born 1977 in Mt. Vernon, a small town with a population of 3500 in Iowa, Zach first entered the world of photography in high school for extra credits and with no desire to actually become a photographer. If he hadn’t gone on to become a photographer, he thinks he would be a snowboarder. From the moment Zach shot and developed his first roll of film, he was hooked. Describing his photography as honest and real, he loves to document artists right before they hit it big. “The energy these artists have before the money comes in is addictive. I want my photography to be relevant in 20 years, as a piece of music history.” Having already accomplished many of his photographic dreams, Mr Wolfe now aims to direct movies. Currently based in Atlanta, he’'s working on a documentary about the rock band The Black Lips. Rumour has it that Zach can hypnotize people.

Describe yourself… peaceful, aggressive, transparent, mysterious, searching.
Favourite record? Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, Outkast!!! If that came out today it would be #1.




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