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David Sims is a world-renowned British photographer. An avid surfer, when he’s not travelling the world shooting for the world’s top fashion magazines, David can be found hitting the surf in Cornwall, where he lives with his wife Luella Bartley and their family. David began his photographic career assisting photographers Robert Erdmann and Norman Watson. His first editorial contribution to i-D was a series of portraits of his friends. In 1994 he was awarded the Young Fashion Photographer of the Year award by the Festival de la Mode and held his first exhibition in London. Sims’ first i-D cover for The Survival Issue, February 1996 starred a young Kate Moss, covering one eye with her hand, now an iconic image in the visual memories of fashion fans and contributors the world over. Today David continues to be a regular contributor to i-D and his pictures appear in the permanent collections at the Tate Modern and the Victoria & Albert museum.



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