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Cody Ross, a regular i-D contributor, is more commonly known to his cult following as the designer of PRIESTESS NYC, a directional, luxury sports and streetwear label. As well as designing his own clothing range, frenetic Cody works as a stylist, consultant to fashion companies and contributor to Z!NK Mag, Vogue China, ORACLE TALK, The Economist and numerous online style/cult publications. However his true love and main source of inspiration is i-D, which he treats as a sacred text and to which he’s been contributing since 2010. Cody’s hobbies include watching Quentin Tarantino films, solving partial differential equations and imbibing powerful espresso. His heroes are Aristotle, Terry and Tricia Jones, Nick Knight and his mom and dad. Guilty pleasures include a love for all things David Lynch, fat free biscotti, NIN and Ol’ DirtyBastard. Cody splits his time between NYC and Shanghai.


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