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The 'mum' of i-D, married to the job, here since the beginning! Born in 1947, London, Tricia married Terry Jones in July 1968, the beginning of a lifetime partnership, both personal and creative. Mum to Kayt and Matt Jones who are both international photographers, Tricia started her career as an infant school teacher, teaching from 1968-1985. Involved from the very beginning of the i-D story as the “maker of pasta”, Tricia looked after the students who worked on the earliest issues of i-D but her role changed and developed as the magazine grew. Special projects for i-D began in 1998 with the publication of Family Future Positive which saw Tricia as Editor for the first time; other books followed, Beyond Price (1999), Learn and Pass it On (2001) and Safe+Sound (2007). More recently Tricia was the Editor of SOUL i-D (Taschen, 2008), a 600-page book based on a selection from these projects, with an accompanying exhibition that continues to travel internationally. Tricia now curates the SOUL i-D section of the website, is a lover of Wales, big nature and super proud mum and grandma.  

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