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David LaChapelle was born in Connecticut in 1969 and studied fine art at North Carolina School of Arts before moving to New York. He is known for his hyper-real, super bright celebrity shots and surrealist photography. The ‘Fellini of photography’ has shot everyone from Tupac to Britney to Madonna in kitschy, colour popping scenes inspired by Baroque painters and a love of social commentary. David was discovered by Andy Warhol and given his first job at Interview magazine in New York. Since then he’s worked for i-D, Rolling Stone Magazine and Vogue Italia to name a few, as well as directing music videos for No Doubt, Mariah and JLo. His work includes pop art portraits of his friends Pamela Anderson and Amanda Lepore, shots of Lil Kim covered in Louis Vuitton print, and Kanye dressed as Jesus. David has photographed three covers for i-D, the first of Naomi Campbell for The ideas Issue, November 1999, the second of Ana Claudia and her horse for The Gift Issue, December 2000 and the most recent of Courtney Love for The Insider Issue, October 2003, holding a neon heart over her right eye. David continues to be inspired by a variety of subject matters, from art history to street culture.






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