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red hair is dangerous

I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter. Models at Katie Eary's autumn/winter 14 show came straight out of hell and commanded control of the catwalk as they strutted, hair a-flame, leaving only a cape-like train and a path of destruction behind them. Devil horns by superstar hair stylist Tina Outen added to their cartoonish charm whilst evoking definite Prodigy vibes. Join Eary's team of naughty superheroes - follow these steps to fit in.

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Text Tina Outen

  • 1. dye bitch dye


    "The first step towards firestarter hair is to bleach all the natural pigment out so you have a raw base to paint on. It's good if your hair is a bit yellow still as the reds and oranges will pack more of a punch with a hint of gold."



  • 2. pop your cherry bomb


    "For the fire gradient I used Fudge Paintbox Colours. I mixed Hot Chili, Red Corvette, Cherry Bomb and a dob of Pretty Flamingo for red with a kick of pink, but found Hot Chili on its own was good for something bolder. As I was colour matching to Katie's Collection, I used Clockwork Orange on the sides and mixed Yellow Fever and Goldfinger for the tips and centre. 

    Style your hair into wings so you can start the applying the gradient of red to orange to yellow. I used Fudge Push It Up Blow Dry Spray to make it hold its shape. Look in the mirror and use your cheekbones as a guide line to follow for the wings. Start with a small piece of hair from front hairline then comb diagonally back to the curve of your head just below the crown. Comb the middle section back flat and flick the edges out for the wings. Using clips to secure the hair in place will make it easier.

    Paint the hair at the back and sides red, fading up to orange as it reaches the wings. The roots of the wings should be red, fading up into orange and ending in yellow tips. Paint the middle of the head orange and yellow. Don't be afraid to really layer the colour on - the thick consistency makes it easy to apply and it's definitely a case of the more the better! The longer you leave this on the longer it will last too. I recommend 40 minutes."


  • 3. extension dimension


    "If you have short hair you may want to exaggerate the wings, like I did for the show, by adding extra hair. I used the same Paintbox Mixture on light blonde extensions. They can be cheap hair from Dalston as you're gonna cut them down and spray them to death with hairspray! I also coloured some stripes to add to the centre panel to create a feeling of whoosh!"


  • 4. tina outen gives you wings


    "To add your coloured wings, glue the extension in the middle of your own hair so that you have some of your hair above the extension and some below the extension. Use Fudge Skyscraper Hairspray and straightening irons to form the sharp, crisp blades. Use lots of spray, starting with the irons close to the roots, bending them towards the middle of your head so your wings stand up on end. Make sure you get your own hair in the irons too so you cover the extension join. Then cut them to your desired length - I went for a couple of inches longer than the boys hair but longer is also wicked!" 



    Photography Hatnim Lee

  • 5. set your world on fire


    "Use Fudge Hair Gum, a strong-hold shiny gel, to smooth back the center section of hair before finishing with Fudge Head Shine spray to give hair an extra Glisten. You can go mad with this bit because the contrast between dry, sharp wings and slick, slimey centre gives the firestarter his who gives a fuck?! punk boy attitude. To keep your colour longer, wash infrequently.

    Finished. Done. Go set your world on fire!" 



    Photography Hatnim Lee