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burberry gets sultry

The 40s inspired Burberry Prorsum collection was a romantic ode to the labour man of the past. The string vests (yes, you read correctly), the paisley inspired prints and the silk shirts were all part of Bailey's army of men. The classic elements of Burberry were present, but in an arrangement on soft leather macs and cropped wool macs- sometimes even just peeking through on a scarf. i-D looks at Burberry's boy-to-man moments of autumn/winter 14.

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Text Bojana Kozarevic 
Photography Mitchell Sams


  • sultry silk on silk

    Quite a sultry silhouette for Burberry Prorsum, these rounded silk shirts took us back to the Havana days in the 40s. 

    Burberry Prosrum autumn/winter 14

  • one side only

    The stylistic detail of similar-on-similar colour was one of the show's main tropes. Paisley-esque and intense floral patterns created a subtle clash when put together in similar hues. With tinges of melancholic reds, greens and blues, this clashing pairing was a fave! 

    burberry prosrum autumn/winter 14

  • layer upon layer upon...

    It all begins with a string vest (note, it can all end in a string vest too, depending on how you start!). The layering of the vest, shirt and then jacket evoked a fervorous image of the 1940s American Dream victim man. Shirt unbuttoned to the waist, the jacket wholly open and the vest revealing the pearls of labour, Christopher Bailey created a modern-day romantic vision of a post-war worker, hero and dreamer. 

    burberry prosrum autumn/winter 14

  • padded and unbuttoned

    Another dimension to the great layering of the show, this look was an exploration of fabric. A softly padded coat in that melancholic maroon breathed luxury, but not over-bearingly so. Open and allowing, the padded coats covered the softest of suits.

    burberry prosrum autumn/winter 14

  • scarf fate

    A detail that impressed was the teasing scarves, seen only on one side in flashes of deepest greens, reds and navys. To be pinned - not worn. 

    burberry prosrum autumn/winter 14