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dig out your trackies for christopher shannon

Christopher Shannon is on a high. Who else can finish a show on Dane Bowers and Victoria Beckham's 'Out of Your Mind'? The references are from This is England, as they always are in one way or another. The rawness of the quintessential British working class is something Shannon references in a comic, light-hearted way like no other designer. His inspirations are always from the street, but from a historic street and culture that he still is able to bring to the forefront with integrity. In his own words, "This IS England babe, what are we gonna do?!" Christopher takes us on his journey from last season, which culminated in a playing around with looseness and form. "Just listening to The New Age Steppers was a huge reference - saying goodbye to the 70s and hello to the 80s". From layered tracksuits to 'Embarrro Menthols'- we ask Christopher Shannon about his faves.

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Text Bojana Kozarevic
Photography Mitchell Sams 

  • backless tracksuit

    "I like the blonde boy in the backless top and trousers. I thought that was a bit more raw sex and I really liked it when I saw it at the end. Once you see everything together, you can play with the rest of it a bit more." 


    christopher shannon autumn/winter 14

  • puffa jackets

    "I loved the puffas and I loved doing them. It was different to work on them on the body as I've not really done something that voluminous before technically. it. I also really liked how they work with a bit of Judy Blame underneath."


    christopher shannon autumn/winter 14

  • suited!

    "The matching leather shorts and jacket worn with Judy's jewellery was very clean. Clean and really effective." 


    christopher shannon autumn/winter 14

  • long ting

    "I also loved the long knit in black! We really worked around draping on the body this season. Last season it was all so structured, so for autumn/winter 14 I wanted to do something a bit different."


    christopher shannon autumn/winter 14

  • trackies are the one

    "Another favourite were the tracksuit tops... they felt a lot more me. I've never done draping like that before and I thought, I'll start with a trackie because it's what I know- and they feel a lot more real. One day, I looked out of the studio window and I saw a kid wearing three different trackie tops. One was slung over his shoulder and I thought it looked fantastic. I like this top heavy aesthetic."


    christopher shannon autumn/winter 14