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wrap up in pringle of scotland

Pringle of Scotland kept things cosy and classic with sleek shapes, shiny shoes and polo necks all round. Cover up and check out our favourite five looks for next season.

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Text Francesca Dunn

  • blue velvet

    He wore blue velvet checks and black polo necks... and how we swooned! Blue toe-capped clown shoes topped things off with a shine.

    Pringle of Scotland AW14

  • what's black and white and soft all over?

    This look. Simple shapes, a monochrome palate and plenty of texture make for a bold look that's easy to work and a definite winner. 

    Pringle of Scotland AW14

  • black on black on black

    It's all black everything - from the thick knit scarf right down to the shiny work shoe. Pringle goes all fashion uniform on us and we like it. If in doubt, wear black.

    Pringle of Scotland AW14

  • hero in a half-belt

    Like Pringle, we feel that everything is better with a polo neck. Epecially this smart, half-belted wonder of a winter warmer. Sometimes doing things by halves works.

    Pringle of Scotland AW14

  • a weekend in bordeaux

    The tweed jacket takes Pringle back to its country roots, with the rich accompanying colours giving us a strong urge to escape to provencial France for a weekend of walking, wine, and this boy in this look.  

    Pringle of Scotland AW14