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i'm in caradise! join the fandom with cara delevigne's top delevingner's

With over 1 million followers on Twitter and almost 4 million followers on Instagram, Cara Delevingne is the model, musician, actress and most wanted face of young London and she's well up for sharing the love. There's 'follows' and tweets flying left, right and centre between Cara and her Delevingners. They love her and she loves them. There's never any trouble in Caradise! We meet a few of her most followed followers.

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  • laura scott

    Why do you love Cara Delevigne so much? 
    She's just so different from other models she's so down to earth and has so much personality, for me, that sets her aside from the typical model.

    What did you talk about when you met her?
    I didn't even get to tell her I was her 'caras_fingers' account, it was such an amazing experience, me and a few other Cara fans that I met up with waitied outside of the W Magazine event at the time of LFW because we knew she was going to be there. So we waited a while outside then she pulled up in a car and as she was driving past us she wound her window down to talk to us, but as soon as she got out of the car the paparazzi were on to her straight away so she went straight into the event. But we didn't care, we were just so happy we saw her. Then about two minutes later a man came outside to get us, he told us Cara sent him to let us into the event because she wanted to meet us, so we all ended up getting photos with her and having a little chat. It was amazing! 

    Has she ever tweeted you? 
    She's retweeted quite a few of my tweets, silly pictures I've made. My four year old sister is obsessed with Cara too, so she sometimes dresses up as Cara and we tweet her the pictures. My favourite though was when I tweeted that I was tired and Cara sent me a private message saying that I should try and get some sleep, it's very important! 

    Why did you call your account @Caras_fingers?
    At the time when people started making Cara fan accounts they were all bodyparts so I just decided to go with her fingers! We created our own little 'bodypart family'. 

    Describe Cara in five words…
    Talented, beautiful, caring, sassy and funny.

    Which is your favourite; Cara the singer, Cara the actress or Cara the model?
    My favourite will always be Cara the model because that's how I fell in love with her, but I also love Cara the actress because you get to see so many different sides of her and see how talented she really is.

    Do you think you could ever take your fandom too far?
    I don't think anyone from the fandom takes it too far, I think we all no it's just a bit of fun and we all just love Cara! 

    Do you think you will love her forever? 
    Of course, I will always support her no matter what career path she chooses to go down! 


    Laura Scott

  • eleonora maccarone

    Why do you love Cara so much? 
    Because she is exactly the kind of person I strive to be, fearless and unstoppable.

    What did you talk about when you met her?
    We were waiting outside her hotel, she was about to shoot her Fendi campaign, but she found some time to hang with us. We all gave her some presents, and she said she wished she had something to give to us all. She also told us she wanted to learn how to swear in Italian and said she loved Italy. She took tons of pics and was just so kind and lovely to us all.

    Has she ever tweeted you? 
    She's retweeted my tweet saying "RT if you love bacon" and tweeted me and @carasonesies telling us that tabloids were chatting out their bums again. 

    What is your favourite tweet of hers?
    "Haters gonna hate, vibrators gonna vibrate!"

    Why did you call your account @CarasBigMac?
    I wanted to name it something original and that described both me and Cara, and nothing does it better than a good old Big Mac! 

    Which is your favourite Delevingner account other than your own?
    I've met @caras_spirit @carawouldgetit @jadiecaldwell @shanicebendall @badassdele @cheyenmg and @carascameltoe in London and we had a fabulous and sassy day! 

    Do you think you could ever take your fandom too far?
    I think we've all created our accounts just for fun and that no such thing could ever happen.

    Do you think you will love her forever? 
    I'll be forever grateful, which is more important to me than loving someone. Grateful for all she's taught me, for teaching me to love myself for who I am, including my flaws and my weirdness, and to never hide my true self. She is the best idol I could ever wish for. 


    Eleonora Maccarone

  • lucía valdés

    Why do you love Cara so much?
    Because she’s so different from all the other models, she’s down to earth, doesn’t let people manipulate her, and always tries her best to support her fans and give them the hope and kind words some of them need.

    What is your favourite tweet of hers?
    Probably when I tweeted ‘forever ignored by Cara’ and she randomly replied saying ‘don’t be silly!!!! I am always here for you! Just maybe not on Twitter,” or when she DM'd me saying I make her smile.

    Why did you call your account @CarasThighGap?
    Because it was different from any other body part accounts, I thought it was funny and unusual, just as weird as the girl my account is about!

    How do you keep up with everything Cara does?
    Well I guess it’s not that difficult nowadays, because paparazzi follow her everywhere, so you just gotta find the pictures. It was harder last year, when she wasn’t that 'famous' because we could only know where she was through her tweets or DMs.

    Which is your favourite; Cara the singer, Cara the actress or Cara the model?
    I’d love to say ‘Cara the singer’ because I know how passionate she is about music, and I love music as well, or ‘Cara the actress’, but ‘Cara the model’ is the one I knew from the very start, so it’ll always own a little part of my heart. 

    Are you friends with other Delevingners?
    Yes and I can luckily consider Laura (@caras_fingers) and Chloe (@delevingners_) lifelong friends, we live in a 24 hour conversation, not even joking! haha

    Do you meet up with them in person or just chat over the internet?
    Well, considering Laura is English, Chloe’s Scottish and I’m Spanish, it’s quite difficult. But we all met up for the very first time last September in London, I booked a hotel room with Laura for three nights, just to try meeting Cara, then Chloe was there on holiday so we could spend a whole evening together, it was pretty special, and we finally succeeded in meeting Cara at the last moment! We also met up with other amazing delevingners once there!

    Do you think you will love her forever?
    That’s a fact.



    Lucía Valdés

  • chloe soutter

    Why do you love Cara so much?
    She's different from a lot of models as she doesn't take herself too seriously, isn't afraid to be herself, she's so sweet to her fans and she's just fun and crazy!

    What would you say to her if you met her?
    I don't really know, I think probably just that I love her.

    Has she ever tweeted you?
    She's retweeted me a couple of times and tweeted me once but she used to DM us all quite a lot, I remember in January I tweeted something about being nervous for an exam and she DM'd me telling me not to be nervous, that's what they want you to be! 

    What’s your favourite Cara outfit?
    I love the Burberry dress she wore at the 2012 British Fashion Awards and everything she wears with her Burberry leather jacket always looks great.

    Are you friends with other Delevingners?
    Yeah, we all talk a lot over twitter.

    Do you think you will love her forever?
    If she stays the same then probably, definitely a long time anyways.


    Chloe soutter