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all i want for Christmas, lc:m special

Each Christmas, Santa receives over 8 million letters from around the world but with London Collections: Men just around the corner, most designers just don't have time to send their requests. As they work long into the festive night in studios across East London, we share their lists directly to the big man in red to ensure they aren't the talents Christmas forgot.

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Text Steve Salter

  • bobby abley

    "All I want for Christmas is... a trip to Disneyland (obviously)... haha!" @1bobbycharles

    bobby abley.

  • kit neale

    'All I want for Christmas is... a jumbo jet." @KitNeale

    Hello Kitty jumbo jet.

  • matthew miller

    "All I want for Christmas is... a pair of polished Feit sneakers." @Studio_M_Miller

    Feit leather sneakers.

  • lou dalton

    "All I want for Christmas is... a guilt free day off work.. It's all so hectic at the moment that all I do is live, eat and breathe work pretty much 24 seven so yes to take the day off, sleep in, have a late lunch, a stroll in the country side (shropshire hills in this case) with my fella, pretty much what normal folk tend to do but being in fashion and having a show at the start of the New Year puts a stop to living the normal life.

    Materialistically, a pair of dove grey leather gloves from Prada..."  @TheLouDalton

    Sleep in.

  • sam cotton

    'All I want for Christmas is... new lenses for my glasses." @agiandsam

    New lenses.

  • joseph turvey

    "All I want for Christmas is... front row Beyonce Mrs Carter tickets." @Joseph_Turvey


  • alan taylor

    "I can't actually think what i want for christmas but what I am most looking forward to is the Christmas dinner leftover sandwiches!" @IamAlanTaylor

    Christmas leftovers.