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top 5 dancing shoes

Catwalking tonight are our top 5 Nicholas Kirkwood shoes from spring/summer 14. One of the UK's top talents, Nicholas Kirkwood collaborates with other London based talents such as Erdem and Roksanda Ilincic as well as Victoria's Secret. He has put his signature of sharp, cutting patterns, deft lace and lacing and continues to push boundaries within the shoe-sphere of fashion with an intricate and bold style all tempered on slight but strong heels. We take inspiration from the designer's spring/summer 14 collection and get ready to test the dancefloor(s) tonight.

Text Bojana Kozarevic



  • the mirror heel

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Aren't I the fiercest of them all? The ability to reflect is a worthy quality to have, never mind to wear. The mirrored block heel makes sure you shine the night away. 

    Nicholas Kirkwood spring/summer 14

  • colours of the D.I.S.C.O

    Stephanie, Connie, Annette and of course, Tony Manero. It was in Saturday Night Fever that we first really, no holds barred, fell in love with the t-bar when Tony spun Stephanie around on that light-up dancefloor. It is something of a testament to the hedonism of disco that we dance with our heels on, only to throw them in the air with a loss of abandonment and just get lost in the music. This gold and blue metallic heel is an homage to the wonder years of the 70s when dancing the night away was the only way.

    nicholas kirkwood spring/summer 14

  • zig-a-zig-ah

    A younger sister to the T-Bar beauty above, this zig-zagged number is a vibrant colouring of the triangular heel. Kirkwood's technical prowess illuminates itself in the inside cut-out. For day or for night, these ladies are a force to be reckoned with, despite their size. 

    nicholas kirkwood spring/summer 14

  • leggy lace

    When it comes to exploring textures and materials on shoes, Nicholas Kirkwood knows no bounds. Laser-cut leather lace wraps itself teasingly all the way to the knee in the pseudo-gladiator heeled sandal. 

    nicholas kirkwood spring/summer 14

  • gothic lady

    Perhaps the softest, most genteel looking of the crowd, this lace pair is an ode to every fantastic fantasy of gothic pleasures and sins. Far from unassuming or naive, Nicholas Kirkwood's lace numbers are like a pleasurable hint of what lies beyond a smile, a touch, a table. Oooh, naughty! 

    nicholas kirkwood spring/summer 14