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Thristian, Bradley Zero and Drakeford Eat Cheese

Christmas is a time to indulge, expand the waistline and get wasted with friends and the fam. New i-D office buddies the Boiler Room enjoy the finer things in life, music being their strength and strong cheese being their weakness. Stinking out the booth, Thristian BPM, Charles 'Drizzy' Drakeford and Bradley Zero Philips do not travel without a wedge of the finest substance attached to their person. Thirstian likes a mellow, relaxed taste, the more rotting, the better for Bradley and Drakeford goes in for a complicated, crunchy splattering on his cracker. We fed the crew some offensively stenched samples while Stephanie Sian Smith snapped them elbow deep, indulging. Read up on the boys explaining why they buzz off a straight-edged and sliced lifestyle.

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Text Milly McMahon
Photography Stephanie Sian Smith 

  • 5. Brie

    We're all Brie-lievers, and could not bare not to have it listed in our top 5. It's also a great source of protein and vitamin B12 and B2.

    Drake and Brie

  • 4. Roquefort

    This Roquefort was one of those cheeses that makes the roof of your mouth tingle with its tanginess. It was always bound to divide opinion, as it does smell a little bit like death. It stands proud at No.4 though.


    Thristian and the Roquefort

  • 3. Manchego

    Manchego aka 'THE DON' of Spanish cheese. Not sure why we didn't put this at No.1 to be honest, as this one really brought the cheese board alive. Its wonderful markings are made by the wicker baskets in which it is matured.

    Drake and Manchego

  • 2. Gruyere

    GruYEAH Bwoyyy! The Swiss know a lot about cheese, and we should all be a lot more thankful for them sharing their invention of Gruyere with the world. We placed this at No.2 without even melting it down and having a fondue session.

    Bradley and Gruyere

  • 1. Cheddar

    Cheddar is perhaps the quintessential British cheese, and it defines the Christmas buffet table. We've gone for a Montgommery cheddar for our No.1 because although many cheese experts would say it's boring, we believe its sharp taste and creamy finish is truly divine.

    Thristian and Cheddar