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top i-D moments of 2013

Apple released ios7 for iPhone this year and with it came the cheesiest of 'm' words, 'Moments', used in the photo bit to sort pictures, inspiring a sentimentality across the world. It was a large year for i-D. It was momentous in many ways. We moved offices to Vice HQ, then we moved offices again to Vice HQ (upstairs). We thought and thought about how to make a great fashion website, and it finally launched in November, with superstar interviews, killer fashion and video dreams. Terry and Tricia Jones, our fashion mum and dad, were given The Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Award at the British Fashion Awards, and we couldn't be prouder. 2013 was the year everything happened, and now it's time to look back, consider our moments and check ourselves out ;)

  • Holly Shackleton, editor


    "My highlight of 2013, without a doubt, was launching i-D.co in November. All our early mornings, late nights, weekends, countless coffees, takeaways, stresses, giggles and delirium paid off, and we worked together as a team to launch a platform we are really proud of. There's something life-affirming about creating something from scratch, and no better way to form lifelong friendships! Congrats guys!"



  • Graham Rounthwaite, art director


    "'My i-D'  Selfies, The Street issue, no 329. Love Thyself, Love Thy Selfie! A great cast, and a fun & fabulous way to kick off the season. I literally had 5000 pictures to edit from Charlotte [Stockdale]. The girls loved the shoot so much, we couldn't stop them taking more and more! So much fun, and so i-D!"


  • Sarah Richardson, global fashion director


    "Terry & Tricia win the Outstanding Achievement Award at the British Fashion Awards. Nothing else compares to this!" 


  • Alastair McKimm, fashion director


    "Agreed" (Terry + Tricia's award)


  • Dean Kissick, senior digital editor


    "Terry's dreamy Editor's Letter from his amazing last issue: The view from the beach to the horizon never fades, or fails, with endless daydreams. Daydreaming got me into trouble with the authorities when I was younger. They always want to know what you're thinking and why you aren't working. I don't remember my dreams. What an inspiration! It reminds of the last time I was fired, and I was told, 'You tend to wander off, both mentally and physically.' Totally fair. But Terry and i-D always allowed me to dream, and taught me that dreams can come true :-)"


  • Francesca Dunn, staff writer


    "Lara Stone in the Spring issue. Along with the rest of the world, I love Lara's body and Tyrone did a brilliant job of showing it off in this super fun and cheeky shoot." 


  • Sarah Raphael, deputy editor


    "The i-D.co trailer, released around the time we were all cramping with stress trying to get the website up and the magazine out. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It still makes me feel excited."


  • Ger Tierney, executive fashion editor


    "The launch of the new i-D Website. After months of hard work we finally launched our brand new website on the 15th of November 2013. Despite the exhaustion it was such a proud moment for the team and the start of something very special."


  • Laura Liggins, designer


    "My i-D moment of 2013 is when we released the first ever 9 issues onto the new site – still so inspiring and what a journey so far!"


    [The i-D One Issue, no. 1, August 1980]

  • Felicity Kinsella, editorial assistant


    "Lily McMenamy by Tyrone Lebon, Winter 2013. I used to go to swimming club at the pool where this was shot and it's fun to imagine Lily McMenamy running around it 15 years later."


  • Rebecca Boyd-Wallis, design assistant


    "The Quentin Jones story. I love the way she cut it all up and put the pages together. It's really expressive and romantic." 


  • Declan Higgins, editorial assistant (film)


    "More Than A Model: Lily loves Yoga was the first film i worked on for i-D. It captures a moment in time, a moment in life and most importantly shows a person who is genuinely talented at many things combining them to make a beautiful bricolage.!" 


  • Jack Borkett, fashion editor


    "Willy Vandapere's Amanda Murphy cover. The girl of the year in Willy's beautiful A day without you..."



  • Alice Harvey, intern


    "Kate Moss' Pre-Spring covers. Because four is more, and more is best!"