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style on set! top 5 womens looks in British cinema

We're pretty proud of British cinema for being gritty, visually awesome and generally having really great clothes involved. Nathalie Olah counts down her favourite females from film...

Text Nathalie Olah

  • 5. Diane (Kelly Macdonald) from Trainspotting (1996)

    Nothing says I’m out of my depth and don’t know what I’m doing like a shapeless, pink, strappy dress. Kelly Macdonald as Diane in Trainspotting is just perfect. She reminds me of that time when I thought I was a grown-up, until actual grown-up stuff started happening and all I wanted was my mum.

  • 4. Nadia (Gina McKee) from Wonderland (1999)

    I still think this film sums up better than any other the excitement, but also the loneliness of being skint and young in London. The most stylish people I know have no money. Nadia’s look is so thrown together - a girl expressing herself with limited resources. It’s really beautiful.

  • 3. Lol (Vicky McClure) from This is England (2006)

    I actually shaved my head after seeing this, for i-D. Looked more like Liam Gallagher's description of Wayne Rooney ("balloon with crushed Weetabix on top"). Still, McClure really suits a crushed Weetabix on top and she's really, really great in this film. Like the sexy voice of reason.


  • 2. Lynda (Emily Lloyd) from Wish You Were Here (1987)

    This film didn’t date well, but Emily Lloyd’s performance is still great. Wish You Were Here is a story of quintessentially British rebellion – putting on peep shows for bus drivers in depots and screaming blue murder at passing strangers. The look’s quite nostalgic but it's perfect for this outspoken and confused young woman.

  • 1. Simone (Cathy Tyson) in Mona Lisa (1986)

    Say what you like about high-class prostitutes, they know how to look hot. Simone’s character, whose driver (played by Bob Hoskins) is trying to find out more about one of her clients, has really good intentions. This outfit is pure sex, but the vulnerable expression she wears with it is what’s really beautiful.