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by the hair of thor! kneel before tina outen's top hair gods

Which way to the party? The spring/summer 2014 men’s collections were all about crazy, colourful, light-reflecting locks. Whether it’s full of glitter or full of secrets, hair had a good time last night. From the clubland fun of Christopher Shannon’s glitterfy.com style tresses to Miharayasuhiro’s gold-encrusted curls, hair stylist Tina Outen recreates her top looks of the season. In answer to the question: it’s business in the front, party in the back!

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Photography Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Styling Elgar Johnson
Hair & text Tina Outen

  • New 50s.

    "The Prada collection made me think of some of my favourite men: Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman. Iconic men inspire a new 50s shape: side parted, sweaty against the forehead, with an intensity of unrest."

  • Gloss.

    "The Comme des Garçons collection showed layer upon layer – a metamorphosis, hatching to new life. To convey this, I played with colour, and high gloss feels like the shell of a bug."

  • Metallics.

    "The Christopher Shannon collection took me back to my raving days. Disco balls and lasers. A kaleidoscope of glitter with centre parted curtains, in tribute to Robbie Fowler."

  • Raw.

    "The Maison Martin Margiela collection made me see the process of time. Super overlong hair to represent the passing of time, and unkempt beard gracefully growing older."

  • Gold leaf.

    "The Miharayasuhiro collection made me taste the sea and its awesome power. I wanted the hair to represent the crashing of the waves and the energy of the spray, with the gold leaf symbolising the sand."

  • New Bowls.

    "The Raf Simons collection made me feel like I did when I was 14 and wanted to run away to New York to be a graffiti artist, so I sprayed the YO-GA brand on Raf's new bowls, that are free from the hand of the hairstylist. Fluffy floppy fringes also flowing free."