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Christopher Kane's top 5 spring/summer 14 moments

Christopher Kane’s spring/summer 14 show was more than just pastel flower power. Peekaboo cut-outs, anatomical dissection and elegant pleating. A revelation and deserved winner of this year's British Fashion Council’s Womenswear Designer of the year award.

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Text Jack Borkett
Catwalk photography Mitchell Sams 

  • 5. peekaboo cut-outs


    Applied to tops, dresses and skirts with scientific precision. Like metal tears cutting through the clothes. Daring and genius. 


    christopher kane spring/summer 14

  • 4. iridescence


    An ethereal use of fabrication was used on the startling multi-coloured looks that followed. Shimmering down the runway, complemented by the mirrored catwalk that instilled that feel of scientific reproduction.


    christopher kane spring/summer 14

  • 3. pleating


    Again, the show changed direction to include dramatic pleated looks, wrapped and draped on the models – almost Japanese in its effortless cuts. Held together by clips that look like they had been stolen from the operating table!


    christopher kane spring/summer 14

  • 2. flower power


    London went flower mad this season but Kane’s use of logos was a revelation.  Taking us back to school and reliving that classroom crush, instantly falling in love all over again!


    christopher kane spring/summer 14

  • 1. textbook prints


    Looking at Photosynthesis and the study of plants might have been a dull topic in school but these blown-up text books were a smash hit! A show that took us all back to that feeling of childhood wonder and joy. Hands off to this years A* star pupil!!


    christopher kane spring/summer 14