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top 5 J.W. Anderson spring/summer 14 moments

The New Establishment Designer of the Year Award, last night went to J.W. Anderson. A fitting tribute to a young designer that has grown to such great heights in a short space of time. This season again he captured all the excitement and buzz that is going on around London Fashion perfectly. The collection was sexy yet intelligent. Experimenting with fabric and technique to cleverly contour fabric on the body revealing maximum flesh but without any hint of trash. We take a look backstage at some of J.W. Anderson’s Spring/Summer 2014 highlights.

Text Ger Tierney
Photography Columbine Goldsmith

  • 5. the cast

    J.W. Anderson pulled in some of the hottest new girls this season had to offer. With London's busy schedule, it has become fiercely competitive when it comes to getting the top girls. With a stellar cast it was evident the J.W. Anderson show has become one of the hottest tickets of the city.


    J.W. Anderson backstage

  • 4. surreal cut outs


    Skin was displayed in an obscure surreal manner infusing a new level of interest and and curiosity to the garment. The pre-considered cuts helped draw the eye around the garment as well as creating a beautiful over all silhouette.


    Backstage at J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2014

  • 3. tied up in a bow


    Knotted bow like belts and bags were introduced, creating beautifully unusual silhouettes to otherwise clean simple shapes.


    Backstage at J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2014

  • 2. heavy fringe


    Giving us his own modern take on fringing with the use of juxtaposed fabrics. J.W. Anderson applied think layers of fringing draped over sheer structured plastic tunics and skirts.


    Backstage at J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2014

  • 1. sheer delight

    Sheer fabrics appeared countless times on the Spring/Summer 13 catwalks, J.W. Anderson ensured his version of the trend was far from the norm. A mix of delicate sheer fabric contrasting with aggressive black striping intertwined perfectly to create modesty and boldness in unison.

    Backstage at J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2014