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book worms of the world unite! find out angel haze's top reads...

Fill your life with lots of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks. Talented lyricist Angel Haze has a lot of love for rap, realism and reading. To coincide with the launch i-D's video for new single, A Tribe Called Red, we asked the shining star to share her favourite books. Mixing dark 'n' gritty with fast-paced fiction, here are her five favourites...

Text Angel Haze

  • 5. Looking For Alaska

    "A recent favorite of mine, mostly attributed to the fact that I've never had a book, in all my years, resonate with me in the way that this one does. As a girl who once loved the world and everything in it, but loathed herself, it was interesting to read a story that could capture it so well. I sincerely feel like John may have written the book solely for me." 


    Looking for Alaska

  • 4. Celestine Prophecy

    "Another newer favorite. I think of it in the same vein of which I thought of 48 Laws of Power... A self help book, with a twist. I have not read anything that made me view the world in such a succinct way."


  • 3. The Five People You Meet In Heaven

    "One the greatest books ever. Read it and it will make you reconsider your interactions and how you treat people regardless of how well you know them."


  • 2. Inferno

    "Dan Brown is such a great writer, this book was no less special than anything he's written. I don't typically take to books that require me to read the word 'gun' more than once but this is the exception." 


  • 1. The Bell Jar

    "Fuck. One of the only novels capable of extracting my soul and throwing it from place to place without my permission. Haha. Sylvia, a great writer...the book, a massive heartfelt emotional tug a war. A classic."