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selfie guide. #lovethyselfie.

Since the selfie was built upon the pillars of self-obsession, there’s really no reason to be modest about it. Know your angles, get good light, and if all else fails, just shoot everything from above. We asked Ming Xi, Marte Mei Van Haaster, Jourdan Dunn, Xiao Wen Ju and Lindsey Wixson for a lesson. #yolo

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Text Anders Christian Madsen
Photography Models
Fashion Direction Charlotte Stockdale
Concept Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall

  • Strike a pose

    Make like Ming Xi and give it your most ferocious pout. If you’re a lady or a gentleman who often likes to indulge in a selfie, why not mix it up on the expression front? Nuance is key, unless you have a legendary signature photo face in which case you’d do well to trademark it with a Blue Steel type name and hashtag it. #everytime


  • Embrace the classics

    If you run out of creativity, stick to the classics: 1) The “Look, I’m driving!” car selfie. 2) The “Look, I’m on a holiday!” deck chair selfie. 3) The “Look, I’m going out!” bathroom selfie. 4) The “Look, I’m looking flawless in nature!” nature setting selfie, performed here by Marte Mei Van Haaster. 5) The “Look, I just woke up! (But I still look good)” bedroom selfie. When in doubt, simply consult any selfie Kim Kardashian has ever posted on her Instagram. #ever


  • Show some skin

    If it works for Justin Bieber, right? The kind folk at Apple have given us countless filters with which to enhance our physiques so there’s really no excuse not to get your kit off. For that toned selfie look Jourdan Dunn’s sporting, go for a filter that makes you look hotter than the sun. Or do a post-workout selfie. Just don’t take it at the gym. Gyms have seedy locker room undertones and fluorescent light never did anything for anyone. #takeitoff


  • It’s all about the swag

    A selfie says more than a thousand words, but all it really needs to say is “swag”. Say you’re Xiao Wen Ju, you’ve just been running errands in your belted blue and orange jumpsuit, and you suddenly find yourself in hip street surroundings. That’s pretty swag and the world needs to know it. For further information, please consult your swag coach. #swaggy


  • Sexy and you know it

    Look sexy but not too sexy. As a term, selfie is already pretty suggestive and unless you want people to think you’re having a little bit too much of a good time with yourself, do yourself a favour and tone down the steamy facial expressions. Obviously your prime incentive is still to be desired by the congregated social networking sphere, but go for Courtney Love rather than Courtney Stodden. #lifeadvice