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top 5 tattoos [his own] by miles langford. fit ink.

Miles Langford has lost count of his tats, which is fair, as he has a lot. Lanvin campaign star, boyfriend of Catherine McNeil and puppy lover, this connoisseur popped into our offices to talk pups, love and inkings!

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  • 5. Big Ben

    "This is one of my favourites as it was one of my first. I love roses on tattoos when they're big and rich. It also reps London, yes!"

  • 4. NWA

    "This is another one with a rose on my leg."


  • 3. Bad Boy

    "Hahaha, this one was done so randomly and is on my arm above a picture of a dog. Simple and effective!"

    Bad Boy

  • 2. 'C' for my missus

    "This one is for my missus. I also now have CAT on my fingers too. It's quite small and you have to know it's there as it's in-between other tats. She knows it's there though so it's pretty sweet."

    'C' for my missus

  • 1. 'Freedom'

    "I'm not gonna lie, this one hurt a bit, it was the first one on my neck. FREEDOM!"