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olivier rousteing gets square eyes from his top 5 tv shows

Balmain's Creative Director Olivier Rousteing looks to Will Smith's Fresh Prince for laughs, can't get by without his fix of Twin Peaks and seeks (the latest series of) Revenge in his top 5 TV shows of all time.

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  • 5. Twin Peaks

    "Seriously, Twin Peaks is more addictive than a drug, the obsession to find out who killed Laura Palmer is just too much! #thankyouDavidLynch"


  • 4. Beverly Hills 90210

    "Sun, youth and scandals under the palm trees of 90210, what's not to love? #Kelly"

  • 3. Six Feet Under

    "Six Feet Under is the only time when death can turn into a joke #americansarcasm #funeralparty"

  • 2. Revenge

    "Crazy intrigues, sick plot and trouble in the upper Hamptons, hoping that Emily will get what she came for #VictoriaGrayson"


  • 1. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    "Will and Carlton bring pop and fun to the streets of Bel Air and turn it into their playground. This is my favourite programme of all time. #loveHilary"