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new british rappers: Zak’s Top 5 Producers

Zak or Wahla, depending on whether you’re referring to his rapper or producer guise is a man of many talents; having gone from owning a successful business at just 18 to starring in a record breaking box office film but the one constant for Zak is and always has been music. More importantly, exactly how to use that music to relate to everyone else, as he says, “he came for the love not the dough.”

Text Nardene Scott
Photography Olivia Rose
Styling Bojana Konzarevic

Listen to Zak’s Life and Everything Else EP

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  • Timbaland & Magoo – Indian Flute

    "Timbaland back in the day, especially his work with Missy, Ginuwine and Magoo; I think he managed to capture Missy’s vibe so well. His productions were so unique and something new and also that time was really attached to my youth and growing up, so Timbaland is definitely up there."

  • Clipse – Grindin’

    "Pharrell and The Neptunes because Chad Hugo is like ridiculous, people think it’s just Pharrell but it’s not, that guy is a G, trust me. ‘Return Of The Clones’ that was mad and coming off the back of all the hype they made Britney Spears cool, OMG. That ‘Slave’ beat was hard and there was another one as well that had Austin Powers in it [‘Boys’]."

  • Wu Tang – Protect Ya Neck

    "RZA - Just for all of his Wu Tang work and the whole of his soundboard. There were a lot of cats after him that tried to copy his sound but no one can do it like him."

  • Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Nuthin' But a G Thang

    "Just because he’s Dr Dre, I don’t really need to say anything. I’ve been waiting on this ‘Detox’ album for lover a decade, it’s a joke! It’s fucking with our minds, he’s close to being a billionaire now, so I’m sure he doesn’t even care about."