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new british rappers: Oscar World Peace’s Top 5 tunes for life

If you ever wanted an insight into the mind of a young Londoner, take in Oscar World Peace’ straightforward track ‘Q’s’, all the frustration and angst can be found just there in the first 40 seconds his whole life is questioned, and with driving beats, warbled bass and perfectly placed humour and samples, follow on track ‘MOOK’ pulls you further into the interesting rapper you’d simply be silly to sleep on.

Text Nardene Scott
Photography Olivia Rose
Styling Bojana Konzarevic

Look out for Oscar World Peace’s CULT EP dropping soon

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  • Toro Y Moi - So Many Details

    "It reminds me of summer."

  • Kid Cudi - Soundtrack To My Life

    "Self-explanatory really, he just speaks about everything in his life"

  • Tyler The Creator - Bimmer

    "I can’t really relate to it as much but I just like the feeling it gives you because you can use it as a metaphor for the Beamer being a girl."

  • The Streets - Could Well Be In

    "I like that, he talks about a girl and stuff and the journey it’s really good."

  • Skepta - Same Shit Different Day

    "It’s a great intro man, it sets the mood, the tone, I love what he’s talking about; you know everything is about pain. I just love when someone talks about something that I can relate to in a certain way."