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new british rappers: Kid Bookie’s Top 5 Entertainers

To say Kid Bookie is full of character would be understatement of the millennia, so it’s no surprise after years of bubbling on the underground scene he’s struggled to ‘fit in’ so to speak. That’s all about to change though according to Books who now revelling in his own matrix is hitting up 2014 with his grime rock hip hop hybrid sound and a seriously diverse collaboration and he’s determined to get in, stay in and play the game right this time around.

Text Nardene Scott
Photography Olivia Rose
Styling Bojana Konzarevic

The new single from Kid Bookie Evolution 2.0 The Temix Ft. Samantha Mumba, Crooked I, Kuniva, Scrufizzer, Lady Leshurr & Dot Rotten is out now.

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  • George Carlin

    "George Carlin is the biggest realist ever and he’s a comedian too. If you don’t know who George Carlin is make sure you research him, very intelligent man. He runs on realism, he basically does what I do; he focuses on the problems in the world with a subtext but makes them funny. He lets them know that there is fuckries going on in this world but to mask it up and make people understand it, you have to sell it in a way that is funny for them, so idiots can listen to it because it might be bad or horrible to say but not everybody is smart."

  • Big L

    "RIP Big L! Hip Hop fucking legend if it wasn’t for you there wouldn’t be an Eminem who spits like he does today, rap icon, hip hop legend. Style, flow charisma, everything, I still base some of my shit around you now rude boy."

  • Eminem

    "I learned a lot from this guy, lyrically, industry wise and just playing the game. Knowing that the demographics of who you appeal to doesn’t matter about colour or where you’re from; just knowing that I don’t have to speak a certain way."