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new british rappers: Jesse James' Top 5 Hip Hop verses

It’s fair to say laid back teen Jesse James’s music is underground; he’s only ever had one solo single, but his collaborations, including those with homie Rejjie Snow were enough to entice one of the UK’s most cutting edge labels, PMR to release his recent EP. Whatever Jesse James has got to say, you’ll want to hear; honest as they come his rhymes are delivered with no filter, so if you’re ready for the real, then look out for this lyricist currently carving his name into the scene.

Text Nardene Scott
Photography Olivia Rose
Styling Bojana Konzarevic

Listen to Jesse James’s debut EP Jesse from SE now on Soundcloud

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  • Giggs - Bring The Message Back

    "There’s a verse on there that is really good. I like it because it’s different to what he does and I always knew he could do that because back in the day he was more on that type of message but this song kind of resonated with me because he was picking up on a load of topics that I think about and that affect us all."

  • Nas – One Love

    "Not only the beat, the beat is really good but also he’s writing a letter to his friend and he doesn’t slip up once, it’s sick! His storytelling, I want to write something like that one day, so that’s a big one."


  • Styles P – Ghost P

    "Because I’ve been in that state and I know he was just bare high when he wrote that and he was just like talking a lot of stuff… A lot of the time I write stuff and I feel like it made so much sense and then I play it to someone and I can see their facial expression and I can see it just doesn’t make sense to them but it makes so much sense to me. I feel like that’s what that song is for him."

  • King Krule - Rock Bottom

    "Big up Archie, he’s doing a lot right now and I don’t even know why I’ve picked out this song in particular, I just really like it."

  • Fix Dot’M - Tick Tock

    "I feel like he’s one of the best, when it comes to flow wise and lyrics and just style, the London thing it definitely has to go in there because he’s from my area as well."