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new british rappers: Hawk House’s Top 5 Groups

Channelling the vibe of Dilla, Hawk House are as organic as groups get. Delivering soul soaked rhymes to exercise your mind with a truly enigmatic live show to boot, it’s yet another reason why 2014 is such a refreshing time for UK Hip Hop and you better believe this lot are at the forefront of that very wave. Here Eman, Sam and Demae drop their favourite fellow groups…

Text Nardene Scott
Photography Olivia Rose
Styling Bojana Konzarevic

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  • Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp

    "They are just amazing, they’re musicians, they’re scientists. Yukimi is one of the best songwriters that I’ve heard; her voice is like… she’s an alien basically. They’re all aliens; they make their own instruments like from scratch!"

  • Mobb Deep – Got It Twisted

    "They’re just like raw, I can remember the sickest interlude that I’ve ever heard and they were just talking, letting everyone know what the deal was and it was just so raw. They were gangsta, they did gangsta stuff but their lyrics were really poetic they were different to the other gangsta rappers."

  • Slum Village Ft. Kanye West & John Legend – Selfish

    "Come on, like what can we say? The original line up Salaam [Remi] with Dilla, they took a different approach to music. I think like that was one of the first times I heard rappers rapping over a beat and it changes with the way they’ve tailored it, that’s part of the fact that they had Dilla in the group who even by himself, I have no words."

  • Gorillaz Ft. De La Soul – Feel Good Inc

    "Damon I’ve always loved his stuff. I can remember being much smaller and being so intrigued by these guys who didn’t show their face but even at awards show’s there would be this big projection screen with the Gorillaz on; I was just like this is really cool. The animations really drew me to them I think the artists name is Jamie Hewlett, he’s good friends with Damon and that really drew me to them because I draw that was the first thing I picked up on."


  • Outkast – So Fresh So Clean

    "They’re a bit like us in the way that they compliment each other, they’re two different people but when they’re together, they compliment each other perfectly."