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top 5 dream girls by ryan lo. dream for a living.

Our friend Ryan Lo is the dreamiest designer around. Prince of Fashion East, his clothes are all teen dreams and moonbeams, with a touch of magic and plenty of sparkle. Who could possibly inspire such beauty? Enter the dream girls...

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Text Ryan Lo

  • Blythe

    "The No.1 Ryan LO Dream girl is a doll with four pairs of changeable-colours eyes! I have been a massive fan of the Blythe Dolls for over a decade! Three of my favourites models are Rosie Red, Ichigo Heaven and Penny Precious! It is my dream to dress her!"

  • Victoire de Castellane

    "She's FOXY! Naughty! Cheaky! SEXY! CHIC! FUN! Always in Alaia! Good combo between Japanese cuteness and French elegance!"

  • Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha

    "I am the biggest fan of the four most influential women on the planet. I love them so much that I forced my interns to watch the entire series, I played their soundtrack in my recent show and every SINGLE collection is dedicated to one of them! Samantha is coming to town in February 2014! This is my favouite outfit of all..."

  • Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette

    "Points for LOVE, cakes, pink, frilly gowns and having an affair with Mr Grey (Jamie Dornan)! Her interests are very Ryan LO!! Check out their naughty scene..."



  • 90s/00s Devon Aoki

    "My dream casting <3"