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top 5 blues records by caroline de maigret. kick back.

Caroline De Maigret is the musical model living in the city of lights. Love blossomed with a certain monsieur Yarol Poupard and from it sprung their independent record label, Bonus Track Records. Vinyl is without a doubt the ultimate way of listening to a record and De Maigret knows it. With an impressive collection (and a recording studio) in her apartment, we asked the music maker to select her top 5 Blues records and here's what she came up with... "My skin, my heart, my guts belong to those songs. They give me goose bumps, they make me wanna dance, they make me wanna cry, they make me feel alive."

Text Caroline De Maigret 

  • Elizabeth Cotton, Freight Train

    "When I listen to Elizabeth Cotten, blues suddenly makes sense. You can feel all her life in her voice and guitar picking."


  • Robert Johnson, Complete Records


    "Robert Johnson gives me goose bumps."



  • Blind Willie Johnson, The Complete Masters


    "I love the sing-along on that song. His wife's voice is a great addition."



  • Blind Willie McTell, Debut Recordings

    "I love the rhythm."


  • Elvis Presley, Sun Sessions

    "Elvis is my hero."