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top 5 dramarama moments at spring/summer 14

For a women’s season, spring/summer 14 really wasn’t that dramatic. There were no major Twitter wars between journalists and designers, no PRs got bitch-slapped by angry seating divas, and hardly any models fell, thanks in no small part to the fact that the pool sandal seems to be next season’s shoe of choice. Come to think of it, with all the easygoingness and people getting along, you could almost have mistaken it for the men’s shows! But fear not: on the catwalks, it wasn’t all moonlight and roses…

Text Anders Christian Madsen 
Catwalk photography Mitchell Sams

  • Marc Jacobs’ swan song at Louis Vuitton

    There was little doubt amongst the press corps that spring/summer 14’s Louis Vuitton show would be Marc Jacobs’ last collection for the house, but that only paved the way for another rumour mill to run its dramatic course: what would the theme be? Would it be sad? Would the set be the most impressive ever? Would he do a retrospective within the show? Would we cry? All those things happened – and more – as Marc gave us a greatest hits of LV show sets, including lifts, escalators, a carousel, a fountain, and all the glitter you could scatter in sixteen years of career nostalgia. As far as fashion drama goes, this was one of epic proportions.

    Louis Vuitton spring/summer 14 Photography Mitchell Sams

  • The entire Rick Owens show

    Drama comes in many shapes and sizes, and for spring/summer 14 brutalist overlord and fashion showman extraordinaire Rick Owens proved that it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. “Thank you! Thank you for the energy,” guests wailed at him backstage like nuns to a pope after Christmas mass, following the powerful spectacle the designer put on, which saw four American sorority step groups front and grunt their way through the indisputably most elaborate and unexpected choreography of any fashion show, ever. Such emotion, such aggression… such drama!

    Rick Owens spring/summer 14. Catwalk photography Mitchell Sams.

  • The black tear at Topshop Unique

    Some would call it a lemons-to-lemonade situation, but maybe it was the other way around. The black tear that ran down the face of exit nine’s Olivia David in the Unique show ended up adding something of a cool, hard-hitting edge to an otherwise decidedly breezy collection, which reminded us all that the Topshop girl isn’t without her dark sides – even if spring/summer 14 seemed dedicated entirely to her super fun gap year abroad. As for Olivia, girlfriend worked that tear all the way to the photographer’s pit and back. Drama queen.

    Topshop Unique SS14

  • The power cut at Marni

    While the 45-minute delay on the second Marni show on that Sunday morning in Milan gave guests an inkling that something wasn’t quite right, no one could have guessed the wait they’d be in for once they entered the show space. And so, people waited and waited as Consuelo Castiglioni let them simmer – bless her, for she had no choice – and when some lights suddenly lit up the grey venue, everyone realised what had been going on. The music, however, was a no-show and when the models eventually had to get a move on, it was to the sound of silence. But for Marni it became a blessing in disguise as the quiet added extra depth to the show, causing guests to ask the question, “Was it on purpose?”

    Marni spring/summer 14

  • Streakers at Nina Ricci

    Of all the shows in Paris, FEMEN – the feminist Ukrainian activists – chose the daintily neat catwalk of Nina Ricci to run riot, bandanas, body paint and a shocking lack of bras in tow. (Shocking, wasn’t it, in fashion where every other model has been topless on the catwalk since the 80s?) With slogans like ‘Model don’t go to brothel’ written across their naked torsos, the two FEMEN blondes tried their best, but left show-goers with little idea of what they were actually protesting about and several guests discussing their slender physiques instead. “Shame they weren’t a bit taller,” a model agent quipped post-show. Meanwhile Scouse model Hollie May Saker emerged a national hero, after she shook one of the girls off her, and carried on down the catwalk like a true pro.

    Nina Ricci spring/summer 14 Photography Mitchell Sams