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the best female friends in movies

Although movies too often bend to the predictable love stories, it’s the dynamite combination of fun girls and their best friends that make the best movies. Sure these sisterhoods don’t always work out perfectly, life is complicated after all, but they always seem like a lot more fun than dinner and a movie with a beau. So we’re celebrating the best female friends in movies. After all, what’s better than a friend you can share shoes with.

Words Wendy Syfret

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  • Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

    When it was released in 97, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion was a love letter to the weirdos who want to fit in but are too amazing for high school. Although most of the movie is concerned with trying to convince their old classmates they’re killing it in LA, it’s really their awesome 90s style, perfect banter, and those dresses that cement them as the coolest girls in school.

  • spring breakers

    There are a lot of lessons to be learnt in Spring Breakers: don’t hang out with skeezy dudes, don’t walk around in your bathers at night, and never leave a buddy crying at a bus stop. But despite a few stumbles by the end they know that it doesn’t matter how many boys you lose in a hail of bullets, as long as your girl is by your side.

  • muriel's wedding

    Muriel’s Wedding is such a concise representation of what it means to be a good friend and have an amazing time they should show it on the first day of high school. What better lesson could you give 13-year-old girls on how to be an good person than Muriel’s best friend Rhonda Epinstalk? Next time someone is giving your best friend a hard time walk up to them and say, “Stick your drink up your ass, Tania! I'd rather swallow razor blades than have a drink with you. Oh, by the way... I'm not alone. I'm with Muriel.”

  • the craft

    This movie is probably more of a study of what can happen when friendships go bad, and you’re all witches, and snakes get involved. But it’s also an example of just how powerful a group of women, wicca or not, can be when they work together. Have any men in movie history ever made the impression these teenagers did when they stalked down the corridor together? Doubt it.

  • dick

    This movie marks the often overlooked dream coupling of an adolescent Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst. Considering the stars were working on Dawson’s Creek and Virgin Suicide around this time it’s a bit of a late 90s dream before you even get to the actual film. Although the storyline is technically about a couple of teenage girl’s brush with the Nixon administration, the real focus should be their epic American flag outfits.