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ultimate girl movie crushes

We don’t just wanna be them, we wanna be with them - movies are full of the biggest babes in the world and the best news? The characters we fall for won’t ever grow old and lose their sex appeal; they’ll always be there, suspended in perfection, just waiting to be rediscovered. Why not revisit your old film flames tonight and reignite that love light?

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Text Francesca Dunn
Photography Nobuyoshi Araki

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  • jennifer lawrence

    While J-Law is obviously brilliant in all that she does, it was her role in American Hustle that really took her from teen movie to adult movie, and our crush to new levels. She does erratic housewife incredibly well as she crawls across the bed in that white bodysuit saying sexy things with her eyes.

  • eva green

    Everyone's favourite Frenchie has our pulse racing as Isabelle in The Dreamers. Stunning, intelligent and very very deep, this stunner makes everyone else look cheap. Her beautiful body and I DONT GIVE A SHIT confidence makes her slightly incestuous relationship with her brother somehow seem a minor issue. We think you're swell, Isabelle.

  • natalie portman

    Closer’s strip club scene is unrealllll. Twit-bloody-twoo. Natalie is every bit the troubled yet sexy pink-haired dreamdoll as she slinks around the mirrored booth in a sparkling mermaid twopiece. A mesmerised Clive Owen looks on uttering everything that we’re thinking. Oh plain Jane Jones, are you flirting with us?

  • kiko mizuhara

    Injecting a bit of fun into Norwegian Wood, we've fallen for Kiko’s Midori and her super cute bob, colourful barrettes and that magic sparkle in her eyes. Forever searching for perfection, we truly believe that we could be the ones to fetch her strawberry shortcake whenever she wants it. After all, she's a real live girl with real live blood gushing through her veins. "You're holding me in your arms and I'm telling you that I love you. I'm ready to do anything you tell me to do."

  • kate hudson

    The party don't start til Penny Lane walks in. Almost Famous’ lead band aid is fun in human form with a fabulous wardrobe. This free-spirited tiny dancer eats, sleeps (with) and breathes rock and roll, stealing hearts as she goes. "I always tell the girls, never take it seriously. You never take it seriously, you never get hurt. You never get hurt, you always have fun. And if you ever get lonely you just go to the record store and visit your friends.” Peace out.