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our favourite boys by alasdair mclellan

We love Alasdair McLellan's book, The Ultimate Clothing Company, so much that we decided to present our favourite boys shot by Alasdair from the i-D archive. Tall ones, short ones, and some that tower right over your head, Al’s been snapping the world’s steamiest studs for i-D since the 90s. Dip your head and tilt your hat, because here comes Al’s buffest boys for i-D.

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Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Alasdair McLellan

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  • Trace Adam Riff

    Shot in 2004, for The Celebration Issue, Trace is the all-American hunk that loves parties, the smell of his girlfriend’s perfume, and towels to wear around his head. The greastest piece of advice he’s been given is to always have faith and never stop chasing your dreams.

    Trace Adam Riff

  • Martin Tomlinson

    Oh Martin you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind. The lead singer of Selfish Cunt, Martin is tall, dark, and devilishly handsome.

    Martin Tomlinson

  • Mnah-mNah

    Matthew M. Marshal, AKA Mnah-mNah, is one pretty cool guy. When he’s not holding denim hats up to his face to keep the sun out of his eyes, Matthew spends his days playing with his pet pooch and surfing the net.


  • Roc

    Cool, casual and incredibly hot (not to mention looks great in his undies) male model Roc is the man of our dreams. Shot in 2003 for The Insider Issue, it’s one of Alasdair’s dreamiest portraits to date.


  • Brian McGillin

    Also shot by Alasdair for The Celebration Issue, Brian is a London-based model and musician. Besides posing topless in trees, Brian spends his time dreaming of Jennifer Lopez and dancing to Computer Love by Zapp. His favourite drink is chocolate milk.

    Photography Alasdair McLellan