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top creative collaborators, it takes two to make a thing go right!

You can’t choose your family, but this lot would pick each other if they could. Today is the International Day of Friendship, so we look to the brother-sister business partners, husband and wife tag-teams, best friends, muses, mums, dads and sexy offspring who are each other’s lifelines, sources of inspiration and support handles. Life is a game best played in good company. Start picking your team!

Text Sarah Raphael

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  • marc jacobs and katie grand

    Superstar designer + superstar stylist = superpower. This pair of original fashion fans met at a Louis Vuitton dinner in the year 2000, which Katie gatecrashed. Now editor-in-chief of LOVE, Katie has worked with Marc on shoots and shows for the last 12 years, creating some of the most iconic imagery and dreamy catwalk experiences in fashion history. 

    What were your first impressions of Marc? 
    That he's extremely warm and generous; he always says "we" when talking about work which is kind of unusual in fashion. I can't think of anyone who credits the people he works with as much as he does.

    What's your favourite feature of Marc’s? 
    I wouldn't say it’s necessarily my favourite thing, but I do like his extensive Prada wardrobe. We have many items that are the same. We also have the same shoe size. And he does have very good tattoos. And I love Neville his dog.

    What have you learnt from him over the years? 
    To pay attention - his attention to detail, fabrics and leathers is super impressive. I notice that I'm the same when it comes to detail on the magazine, and I think he's taught me to look carefully at accessories and clothes.

    Can you describe him in five words? 
    Clever, warm, handsome, fit and kind.

    What was the moment when you thought: now we're friends, not just colleagues? 
    Probably in Shanghai dancing to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen with Yves Carcelle - that was really fun.

    If you were on a magic carpet ride with Marc, where would you go? 
    Rio - we've never been together but we both like it a lot!

    Photography Boo George courtesy of LOVE

    Katie Grand and Marc Jacobs

  • Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton

    Meeting over a crowded intern workspace at Alexander McQueen, Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton took an instant dislike to one another. The course of true love did never did run smooth and as mutual disdain faded, the pair embarked on a midsummer daydream with Agi & Sam. Today, shrouded in an aura of print mystery, they are the all-conquering dynamic duo who leapt from Fashion East to standalone NEWGEN shows with ease. Unmasked as the seasonal superheroes of LC:M, here’s how they make it work.

    What one word would you choose to describe each other?
    Agi: Needy.

    If you hadn't met, what would you be designing alone?
    Agi: My own work was relatively similar to what we’re known for but it’s more grown up and better executed now. I’ve always loved clashing colour and print but I'm absolutely terrible at Photoshop. I would struggle to create the ideas I had. I need Sam.
    Sam: I'd just be doing print for another designer. If I did venture into design it would be monochrome.

    Could you each write a fake lonely hearts ad for the other?
    Agi: Dependable, petite male, 26, interested in sports, science and little else WLTM warm caring older woman who enjoys cuddles and cooking. Sugar momma preferred.
    Sam: Unexcitable guy looking for girl with BACK. Passionate dancer. Up for LOLZ.

    How do you think your differences have influenced the evolution of the label?
    We have taken elements from each other and attempted to make the most out of our differences.
    Sam: As we mature and learn, the label is doing the same.

    What have you learnt from each other?
    To chill out.
    Agi: To think carefully before going into business with an only child.

    Photography Nik Hartley

    Agi and Sam

  • Anya and Panos Yiapanis

    Panos Yiapanis namechecks two women when talking about his wildly successful career: the late photographer Corinne Day and his sister/ agent Anya. Growing up in Greece, as you can see, mini Anya and mini Panos had a flair, if not yet a passion for fashion. Panos’ first works styling for Corinne were published in i-D. Now he consults for Riccardo Tisci on Givenchy, Rick Owens and Dolce & Gabbana, and is Fashion Director-at-large of LOVE. Big sis Anya represents her brother at the agency she founded, Intrepid, as well as fashion luminaries Katy England, Olivier Rizzo and Matthew Stone. Talent runs in their blood. 

    What was it like growing up in Athens? 
    Greece was like a Soviet outpost, without the communism

    What are your earliest memories of images, and being interested in images? 
    Anya: Vogue UK May 1995 cover shot by Nick Knight with Amber Valletta and Shalom Harlow - we were late starters.

    Who's older? 
    Panos: ANYA!

    What did you fight about when you were little?
    Anya: Panos reading my diary every time I went out. 

    What do you fight about now?
    Anya: Panos’ sleeping habits and schedule

    When did you decide to start working together? 
    Panos: When I began working with Corinne, Anya was working at Streeters, so it just made sense. 

    Do you both support the same football team? Who's the bigger fan? 
    Anya is a borderline fanatic Liverpool fan.

    Anya and Panos Yiapanis

  • Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin Roitfeld

    Carine Roitfeld and her daughter Julia must suffer the “you must be sisters joke” an awful lot. Both are beautiful, talented and kind and find Disney films unduly sad. Carine is now Editor-in-Chief of CR Fashion Book and Global Fashion Director of Harper’s Bazaar, while Julia is an art director and recently founded Romy and the Bunnies, a platform for young mums, after giving birth to her daughter Romy Nicole, who has changed both of their lives. #Milfs. Here’s how to be chic: 

    Julia, what was your mum like when you were growing up? 
    She was a very hands-on mum. She has always been passionate about fashion but her career wasn’t her main priority. She took us to school every morning in her red Mini and spent every vacation with us. To me, she is a great example that having kids young and putting family before work doesn't stop you from building an amazing career. 

    Carine, how does it feel to be a grandmother? 
    When Julia got Romy we became even closer! Daughter becomes mother and mother becomes grandmother! Cycle of life! Watching Julia taking care of Romy makes me happy and proud. 

    What makes you both laugh?
    Carine: Funny French movies like Le Père Noël est une ordure or Les Bronzes! Only French people can really laugh at these!
    Julia: My dad’s jokes. They are not always funny, but he is so satisfied with them that it makes us laugh. 

    What makes you both cry? 
    Carine: Bambi or ET!
    Julia: Disney films like Bambi lol. The mum always dies in Disney movies, no? How awful!

    Carine, how did you choose the name Julia?
    Always loved this name! Classique and feminine at all ages! A friend of mine called Julia ‘Jewels’ when she was young - nice nickname!

    Julia, how did you choose the name Romy? 
    Romy as in Romy Schneider was on my list but not the top one. But when I saw my little Romy’s face, it just clicked - it was her name!

    Photography Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

    Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

  • Terry and Tricia Jones

    Terry and Tricia Jones started i-D in 1980, publishing it from the top floor of their house. Running the business together for over 30 years, they put the street at the front of fashion and introduced the industry to a brand new culture. Over the years, T&T, as they are affectionately known around here, found and nurtured some of the biggest talents in the industry, who have all been taught the i-D language: originate don’t imitate, be a fan not a critic, and a good magazine is a minestrone soup. Think about it. 

    When did you meet? What were your first impressions of each other?
    Tricia: We first met at a university union dance, which we'd both gone along to because we both liked Georgie Fame. First impressions: great smile, too short. Or maybe I was too tall. 
    Terry: We met as students and became best friends for life. 

    Terry, if money was no object, what would you buy Tricia for her birthday?
    Permanent good health with a daily supply of good jokes. 

    And the same question to Tricia?
    He's always wanted a Bristol in good working order. But now that I've read his answer, of course good health comes before anything. 

    What have you learnt from each other?
    Tricia: That life is not always black and white. And to go with the flow. 
    Terry: That Tricia's viewpoint is often more valid than mine, and that sharing responsible decisions has made life richly more rewarding. 

    What habits have you picked up from each other?
    Tricia: I'm afraid that Terry picked up being late from me. We are both now belatedly trying to be more punctual!
    Terry: We both think there are too few hours in a day. Or maybe we both try to fit too much into 24 hours!

    Terry, what's your favourite feature of Tricia’s?
    The whole woman. 

    Tricia, what's your favourite feature of Terry’s?
    When he makes me laugh. 

    Where's your favourite place to be together?
    Tricia: Anywhere in big nature with a beautiful, beautiful view.

    Do you have 'a song'?
    Me and Mrs Jones.

    Photography Matt Jones

    Tricia and Terry Jones. Photography Matt Jones.