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your nails should always match your mood

Today we're talking all things nails with the expert Marian Newman. Fan Fact: Marian Newman used to be a forensic scientist! 'Nail Transformations' is her unique collaboration with M.A.C. She say's, 'Just like make-up transforms your face, 'Transformations' transforms your nails'. This is how you do it... paint your nails in your favourite base shade then add one or more combinations of Marian's sheer lacquer top coats and watch your shade evolve into a shimmer, matt, cream or texturised hue. The result is 'chic and sophisticated'. If you feel like going au natural you can use them on their own as well. We got so inspired about all the variations we decided to make up a few of our own and name the combinations so you can conjure up a nail to suit your mood...

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  • joan

    "All that glitters can be gold" Named after Joan Collins of course!

    Quick Million with Highlight (Sheer Blue Transformer)


  • kate

    "When your looking at it you can't quite focus" We thought Kate Moss would adore this combination when she's at a festival.

    Midnight Ocean with Liquid Pigment (Pink Pearl and Green Pearl)


  • lady marian

    "It's a grungy rock 'n' roll nude" Marian Newman's secret nickname is now official.

    Skin with Shadow (Sheer Blackening topcoat)

    lady marian

  • gareth

    "A man nail, of course we had to have one!" An homage to Gareth Pugh.

    Midnight Tryst with Texturise (Clear Leather Effect topcoat)


  • julia

    "Really simple, you might ask yourself does this really come out of a bottle?" Marian couldn't resist naming one after me... Princess Julia.

    Midnight Sky with Texturise (Clear Leather Effect topcoat)