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The best stage costumes of all time by Ginger & The Ghost

Why be boring when you can be brilliant? Australian duo Missy and Daniel are Ginger and The Ghost and most definitely the latter. Having formed two years ago, they don’t just make ethereal pop music, they create conceptual worlds around their sound – starry, spear-wielding warriors dance through one track while frosty figures rule over the next. These guys are the ultimate dreamers and we wish we could enter their minds. Already successful visual artists down under, their videos and live performances are mystical wonders aided by their love of costume. Completely bewitched by their newly-released debut EP Call Up The Whales, we accosted the band on their European tour and stole their secrets. Behold Ginger & The Ghost’s favourite fantasy stage costumes of all time…

Text Ginger & The Ghost

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    Jonna Lee is my heroine. Making simplicity powerful, she has a unique and contemporary take on performance. A genuine weirdo on stage and on film, with her bold moves, she is everything... even in her signature white bodysuit! Jonna has a raw and real performance which is far from contrived and intrigues me constantly. This hairy suit is stitched into every story on her 2012 audiovisual album Ki.  The sound attached to this project blows my head apart with its soft rave sounds and creepy vocals... KILL ME! Who else could do a shoot covered in shaving cream by a river? Or make a bed from toilet rolls and bounce all over it? She's next level.



    Karen O has always brought out the wilding in me with her left-of-centre stage costumes. Colour and texture spew out of a punk-rock core with a fucked up handmade vibe to each piece. When we went to see her rock opera STOP THE VIRGENS, in collaboration with The Creators Project, at the Sydney Opera House, I could finally put an image to the type of performance I had dreamt of creating. The incredible costume designer Christian Joy created Karen’s outfits, and for me it channelled Final Fantasy and Children Of The Corn all wrapped up within a story that rivalled Hans Christian Andersen. She had somehow stripped herself bare and rebuilt a new character for this conceptual modern masterpiece.


    The Ziegfeld Follies were a series of elaborate theatrical productions on Broadway in New York City from 1907 - 1931. The costumes and stage sets elevated women out of a mundane existence into a world of decadence and fantasy! I love the way they used luxury fabrics like velvet, silks, and techniques like devore, but the best part about it is the abstract and totally crazy designs they created. Who doesn't want to wear a glittering dragon head or become a bell tower? The symmetry of the stage set was another incredible aspect, with the dynamic lines and shapes of the set almost created to direct the performers into a choreographed mass of costume.


    She's a fucking man-eater! She always gets into this cyber, tribal, futuristic zone that no one can touch. Her stage outfits have a certain architectural element and are always done in strong warrior colours. You couldn't  put a frill on her or she might tie you up with a chain and choker! Check out this wild footage of her getting blown by an industrial fan…


    I know, obvious answer! It's so predictable, but she pioneers and pushes her vision into our world not only as a musician but as a futurist. Her multimedia exploration of the universe is untouchable as she always seems to be using state of the art equipment, interactive websites and CG film clips with so much technology! Ironically, she is most importantly a naturist! I am especially honoured to speak about her love for nature as she is clearly as inspired by the environment as Ginger & The Ghost are, and that shows through her symbolic representation in her costumes and visuals. I adore this new costume she wore for her recent tour from Japanese designer Maiko Takeido - it's like a Cyber Dandelion!