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five fashion besties

Fashion tends to get painted as a cutthroat world full of editors who rule with an iron fist and cranky models in dire need of some calories. But fashion is also (loads of) fun, and there’s as much downtime on photo shoots as at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Not to mention, have you ever had to wait for a fashion show to start in a room without wifi? The only thing to do is chat with your neighbour. So, fashion friendships blossom rather quickly. Just look at Kate Moss and Stella McCartney, who have been working and hanging together for two decades without a problem. In fact, it was just announced this week that La Moss will star in her seventh advertising campaign for Stella McCartney. If all of that sounds somewhat giddy and loved-up for an industry that brought us the likes of Anna “Nuclear” Wintour, here are a few sets of fashion besties that might just change your mind.

Text Becca Endicott

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  • Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn

    Supermodel pals Delevingne and Dunn have an Instagram-ready connection cemented by dozens of Fashion Weeks walking the same runways, not to mention their latest turn modeling together for Balmain’s fall advertising campaign. And, while friendships between models are nothing new, Cara and Jourdan manage to set themselves apart with their level of commitment. The girls are almost literally joined at the hip - by the matching “DD” tattoos they got etched on their sides.


    cara jourdan

  • Stella McCartney and Kate Moss

    The Brit designer and model have been friends now for two decades. In 95, when Kate was at the height of her fame, she helped out her friend and walked for free in McCartney’s graduation collection at Central Saint Martins. Since then, the ladies have partied their way through their twenties and entered motherhood together. Along the way, they've enjoyed a mututally-beneficial professional relationship. As we mentioned, it was recently announced that Moss will star in her seventh ad campaign for Stella. And, lest you think they're all work and no play now that they're working mums, they still know how to have a great night out. Just last month, they brought their daughters to a One Direction concert together.


  • Patti Smith and Ann Demeulemeester

    Who can forget this unexpectedly epic friendship of the early aughts? In 2000, the romantic designer Ann Demeulemeester based her spring/summer collection on Patti Smith’s Woolgathering, weaving phrases from the book into diaphanous black and white pieces. Patti read extracts of the novella during the presentation. In 2006, Patti appeared in Ann’s menswear presentation, and the self-professed “soul mates” took a bow together. 


    patti ann

  • Alexander Wang and Ryan Korban

    Alexander Wang (left) and his interior designer bestie Ryan Korban (right) have been tight since their NYC college days. As pied pipers of the “model off duty” moment of the mid-2000s, Alexander designed the street-chic looks New York models wanted to wear, and Ryan began decorating their apartments. Suddenly, everyone was wearing cutoffs and lounging on mink carpets. When Wang opened his Soho store, he turned to Ryan to create the offhandedly luxurious interior.


  • Marc Jacobs and Sofia Coppola

    Sofia Coppola has always been the ultimate Marc Jacobs girl, whether she’s swimming nude in the brand’s first fragrance campaign shot by Juergen Teller, or on the arm of her bestie at multiple Met Balls. These paragons of cool have traversed the cool kid 90s era together with champagne in hand, and collaborated on projects for the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton brands. More importantly, they’re the kind of friends that barely a remember a time when they weren’t friends. In a 2004 interview, when they were asked about the momentous occasion, Marc replied, “I just remember a lot of roof parties...That guy in the patent leather jacket.” And Sofia added, “Yeah, who was that guy?”