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lucas nascimento's top 5 inspirational independent women

Lets get down to the knitty gritty. This week it was announced that up and coming knitwear king Lucas Nascimento will be one of 8 designers to be sponsored by NEWGEN for spring/summer 15. Since graduating from LCF in 2008, the talented Brazilian has spent the last three seasons showing off his skills at Rio Fashion Week. Often referencing powerful women as inspiration, we asked Lucas to select his top 5 independent honeys.

Text Francesca Dunn


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  • Nara Leão

    "Nara Leão is a myth of Bossa Nova... which was very male dominated. A powerful woman, with an incredible voice. She was extremely elegant and had this nonchalance, this almost blasé way of carrying herself whilst being, at the same time, very warm and present. She was extremely political and was part of the Tropicália movement too. In the 70s, because of the military government in Brazil, she fled to Paris."

  • Diana Vreeland

    "Diana Vreeland is an icon. She was able not just simply to produce with creativity but also to live in creativity. She was more than creative, she had a vision."


  • Stevie Nicks

    "I really connect to her voice." 

  • Carmen Miranda

    "Carmen Miranda was one of the first Brazilian artists to be taken abroad. She was portrayed as a beauty and sex symbol, the bombshell from the tropics, but still managed to be respected. She left Brazil under really tough political circumstances, but still made it."

  • Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman'