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Your favourite rapper's favourite rapper…

With Eminem hitting up Wembley Stadium tonight, we discover there are few MC's who wouldn't admit to being influenced by Slim Shady in some way, shape or form. One former battle rapper who's always worn his Eminem fandom proudly on his sleeve is the London based Professor Green. We asked Pro to name his Top 5 Em tracks of all time ever… play loud.

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  • My Name Is

    "This is the first time I, and a lot of people, ever heard of Eminem. There has always been a stigma that battle rappers can't cross over and make singles and albums, but Eminem took humour and a scathing tongue into somewhere it had never been before - pop music."

  • Any Man

    "This was off of the Rawkus Soundbombing II album that was released back in 1999. This track is full of absurdity, punch lines and hilarity, it's Eminem at his best! ‘Eminem starts with E better check the spelling/ With a capital/ Somebody grab me a Snapple/ I got an aspirin capsule stuck in my Adam’s apple.’"

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    "This was off a leaked EP that also had the Canibus diss on it (which also includes a dig at the Pet Shop Boys that had me in stitches). Around the time he was going back and forth with what seemed like everyone, but primarily Ja Rule - a beef which he inherited when he signed 50 Cent."

  • Nail In The Coffin

    "One of the best diss records of all time, there really wasn't a way back for Benzino after this. Em was mathematical with how he broke Benzino - and everything he'd said about Shady - down."

  • So Much Better

    "A lot of people looked at MMLP2 as Em's return to form, although there's always been magic amongst the lesser favoured songs, and this song is one of the best examples from the album. 'Then the cops pulled me over but they let me go/ Cause I told ‘em I'm only driving drunk cause that bitch drove me to drink'."