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Five 90s Models Ready for A Comeback

Gone are the days when they only want you when you’re seventeen. 90s supermodels like Shalom Harlow, Linda Evangelista, and Naomi Campbell (not to mention La Moss) are still at the top of their game. But what about the rest of them? Those waifish former cover girls whose faces plastered our teenaged walls? We took a trip down the corridors of glossies past to pull out the models we’d most like to see make a comeback.

Text Rory Satran

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  • Rosemary Ferguson

    Once the off-kilter girl in the sparest early Miu Miu images, Rosemary Ferguson is now a naturopathic nutritionist, art-world wife to Jake Chapman, and mother of three (her daughters were Kate Moss’s flower girls, chic-ness). Sharing a NY flat with David Sims, Guido Palau, and Emma Balfour, Rosemary was an it-girl of the nineties, serving as muse to Corinne Day and starring on covers of The Face, Vogue, and, naturally, i-D. With a steady diet of kale and supplements from her health food shop, Rosemary is totally still ready for her close-up.

    Photography Corinne Day,
    Styling Panos Yiapanis,
    [The 21 Issue, no 212, August 01]


    Rosemary Ferguson

  • Annie Morton

    A favorite of Juergen Teller, Annie Morton charmed her way through the nineties. Annie was a cover girl, a Pirelli girl, and a Rolling Stones music video girl before moving to Pennsylvania to start a family. Style geeks will remember her interview on House of Style filmed on a New York loft floor. In classic ex-model fashion, Annie is dabbling in natural beauty, with an organic cosmetics line called Tsi-La Organics. Despite a 2009 Donna Karan Cashmere Mist ad, Annie’s been off the scene for a while, so it might be time for her to grace us with that snaggle-toothed Patricia Arquette charm.

    Photography Terry Richardson,
    [The Next Generation Issue, no. 161, February 97]

    Photography Terry Richardson

  • Nikki Uberti

    One of i-D’s most sprightly cover girls, Albanian Uberti was married to Terry Richardson for a hot minute in the 90s. She and Richardson were East Village fixtures, with a wild relationship that ended with Uberti’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Since recovered, Nikki is a makeup artist who hasn’t modeled in ages. But if a cursory internet scroll is any indication, she’s still hot and someone should book her, stat!

    Photography Terry Richardson,
    Styling Patti Wilson,
    [The Tough Issue, no. 139, April 1995]


  • An Oost

    Belgian supernova An Oost killed the game back in the late 90s/early aughts, when she walked in every show that mattered. You can find her now in the Gent bed and breakfast she runs with her husband, or at their kid’s store Toykyo. Not completely retired from fashion, she popped up in Rick Owens’s autumn/winter 14 show.

    Photography Steven Klein,
    Styling Brana Wolf,
    [The Independent Issue, no. 222, August 02]


    An Oost

  • Cordula Reyer

    Cordula, the intense Austrian model, was a fixture of late 80s and early 90s fashion photography. She was a muse to Helmut Lang, and often featured in dark, moody editorials. Now a fashion journalist, Cordula occasionally pulls out that pout, for photographers like Meisel.

    Photography Juergen Teller
    [The Smart Issue, no. 123, December 93]

    Cordula Reyer