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follow glastonbury 2014s most stylish down the rabbit hole...

Last weekend we fell down the Rabbit Hole, got lost in Arcadia and slept over in both Heaven and Hell. Hosting the Lovebullets stage in Shangri La on Friday night, experiencing all our darkest fantasies with Lana Del Rey and jumping on stage with Seth Troxler, Glastonbury 2014 was once again the wildling social gathering of the year - seductive devils, shimmering angels, micro-punks and age-old hippies were made equals under an even coating of mud, dancing together around the Stone Circle until sunrise every morning. When we weren't chanting to the beat of a hand-made drum or entering the fourth dimension of Oculus Rift, we hung out with some of our dreamiest friends. Here are our top 5 festival style picks from this years biggest party...

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Text Felicity Kinsella
Photography Alistair Guy

  • clara paget

    Lions and tigers and blue flamingos! We followed Alice-alike Clara who followed the White Rabbit down to the stage within the party within the Hole, hypnotised by her tesselated t-shirt and tribal shearling Coach bag and asked ourselves, "have I gone mad?" Because the best people usually are!


    Clara Paget

  • daisy lowe

    Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! After sundown Daisy Lowe cast spells in the Stone Circle, above the fire that never goes out. Her sexy see-through witch dress and Saint Laurent hat had all the boys enchanted...


    Daisy Lowe

  • adwoa aboah

    This year the dystopian pleasure city that is Shangri La was split into Heaven and Hell... take your pick but enter at your peril! Adwoa wasn't hard to spot in her giant red houndstooth Coach jacket and adidas shell toes. Enter the maze, but left or right? Naughty or nice? You better choose wisely!


    Adwoa Aboah

  • jazzy de lisser

    There's nothing in the sea this fish would fear... follow the glowing jellyfish to the Green Peace field where things are a little less than peaceful with Jaws and Jazzy in her black Coach hat and tassle bag.


    Jazzy de Lisser

  • phoebe collings-james

    I am a fucking unicorn and I don't believe in humans! Enter The Unfairground and jump on the Freak Show Carousel, this ride waits for no one... it will take you to the Acid House where you'll find Phoebe in her tie-dye leather jacket and mirrored Le Specs sunnies raving in another dimension!


    Phoebe Collings-James