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music to brood to

Caleb and Georgia Notts are two halves of Kiwi brother/ sister duo Broods. Since dreaming up their 2013 debut single Bridges one day while lying in bed, and subsequently posting it online, Broods have gone from strength to strength. And now, haunting, melodic, and, well, pretty brooding, they’re back with their latest single Mother & Father. To celebrate we asked Broods to pick their top 5 songs to brood to. Let’s get brooding.

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Mother & Father is released through Polydor Records, 11th August

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  • Ray La Montague - Burn

    I recently got introduced to his music and his story. He is such a broody writer and his voice has so much feeling, he could sing Happy Birthday and make you cry. 

  • Jeff Buckey - Hallelujah

    My all time fave song. Everything about the way Buckley sings this song is incredibly heart breaking. He always kept his voice very raw in his recordings but this performance joined with the lonely electric guitar honestly makes my limbs numb.

  • Lykke Li - I Know Places

    This song reminds me of a really hard time in my last year of high school. I didn't do a lot of work in photography class so I'd just chill out and listen to her I Follow Rivers album. It was my escape.

  • Erik Hassle - Talk About It

    An aggressively sexy song. More of a frustrated and confused song for times of uncertainty in a relationship.

  • Meg Myers - Head, Head, Heart

    This song by Meg is the broodiest song I've ever heard live. We went on tour with her and the way she performs this song is so moving you almost feel like you have to take a step back. She draws you in and makes you feel it all with her.